Employee Handbook

Employee Handbooks set out well-communicated expectations and procedures in the workplace. YourHR professionals, will work with you to ensure all standards, policies and other documentation remains in line with changes to employment law, case law and new policies, notifying you of any new legislation or updates. With YourHR.you’ll be avoiding unclear employee-employer claims and disputes by making everyone aware of their legal and personal responsibilities at work.

Recommended Contents of the Handbook

Contents of the handbook is made to suit your business needs. The handbook will remain compliant with the most up to date legislation.

  1. Holiday Entitlement
  2. Discipline & Grievance
  3. Sickness & Absence
  4. Termination & Exit
  5. Equal Opportunities
  6. Policies
  7. Standards
  8. Maternity & Paternity Leave
  9. On boarding & Recruitment
  10. Information about the company